GREAT HORNED OWL Symbolic meanings for the owl are: Intuition: Ability to see what others do not see and beyond deceit Wisdom: Capacity to have insight and know when to act Transformation: A great change/transition will come into your life Think About Owl: The owl’s large eyes are amongst the keenest in the animal kingdom.Â

Horse as a Spirit Guide

HORSE Keywords: Freedom, Independence, Strength, Grace, Speed, Power, Travel When Horse crosses your path: ~ If feeling stuck, it\’s time to move on ~ You have the freedom to forge new directions ~ You have the ability to make changes in your life with strength, power and grace Think about Horse: At one time

Rabbit As A Spirit Guide

RABBIT Keywords: Quick reflexes, observation; gentleness; fertility; abundance; creativity When Rabbit crosses your path: ~ Move quick! Take advantage of the unexpected opportunity in front of you or it may disappear. ~ Be highly vigilant; if something doesn\’t feel right, remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible ~ Let go of your fears.

Gecko as an Animal Spirit Guide

GECKO Keywords: Dreams, Detachment, Sensitivity, Psychic Perception

Hawk as an Animal Spirit Guide

HAWK Keywords: Messenger, Visionary, Protector: Perspective, Focus, Priorities, Inner Visions, Wisdom When Hawk crosses your path:

Raccoon as a Spirit Guide

RACCOON Keywords: Resourcefulness, Trust, Curiosity, Playful Energy, Inquisitiveness, Dexterity

Animal Spirit Guide: Pelican

Pelican as an Animal Spirit Guide Keywords: Forgiveness, Cooperation, Release, Adaptability When Pelican crosses your path: — Forgive yourself — Let go of resentment towards others — Let go of that which \’weighs you down\’, be it material, emotional or mental Think about Pelican: They have that large sack with which to fish. They can

Animal Spirit Guides: Ladybugs

Animal Spirit Guide: Elephant

ELEPHANT AS AN ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDE Key words: — Peaceful, Strength, Power, Loyalty, Affection, Deep Compassion, Intelligence, Ancient Wisdom Think about Elephant:

Animal Spirit Guide: Walrus