Pet Product Personal Recommendations

Cat Toys

  • Da Bird Flying Feather Toy
    Not just a pole with a feather, the feather has a contraption that makes it so when you fly it through the air, it sounds like a bird flapping. Cats go nuts over it. (Make sure to get the one with the original single pole, not the one that pulls apart.)
  • Turbo Scratcher
    Scratcher and play toy. My cats loved it.

Kitty Treats

  • Halo Liv-a-Littles
    Freeze-dried raw chicken treat. One of the few things I recommend that might be found at Petco.
  • Catnip
    100% Natural
  • CatManDoo Bonito Flakes
    Dried fish flakes that cats go nuts over. (You might want to get these at your local animal health food store, so they don’t crunch in shipping)
  • Whole Oat Grass Seeds (non GMO)
    Kitties love eating grass. You can easily grow it yourself for a fraction of the cost of what they charge already grown. And it lasts longer. I like this brand better than others I’ve tried.

Natural Supplements

  • Tomlyn Calming Treats for Cats and Dogs
    These have L-Tryptophan in them, which is a natural amino acid that increases serotonin to help calm them.
  • NaturVet Cranberry Relief
    Veterinarian formulated Cranberry Relief contains nutritional support for relief and prevention of urinary tract infections.
  • Tinkle Tonic
    An herbal remedy which supports normal urinary tract function. Designed to soothe and protect the urinary tract without irritating the kidneys.

Kitty Enclosures and Fun Hidey-Holes

  • Outdoor Pet Enclosure for Indoor Cats¬†
    Enclosure lets kitty get fresh air without being able to wander off, or allow predators in
  • Pet Ottoman
    “The Pet Ottoman has a MDF frame padded with CA foam and upholstered in microfiber suede. A small opening at the front of this ottoman allows your pet access to the hollow interior which offers your pet a cozy retreat. This quiet, dark space is the perfect get-away for small dogs or cats! The top of this ottoman is removable for easy cleaning and can be folded down for efficient storage.”
  • Cat Perch
    All cats should have a kitty perch. I like this one, it’s more solid than some of the plastic ones I’ve tried.

Cat Litter

  • Feline Pine Cat Litter
    Feline Pine Original is made from 100% Pine. Sawdust byproduct from lumber mills is collected and compressed into tiny pellets. These pellets act like tiny sponges that absorb urine and break apart into sawdust. Scoop the solid waste daily, and gently shake the box so the good pellets float to the top and the sawdust drops to the bottom. Leave the sawdust in the box as it will still work to absorb moisture and odor. When the box is about 90% sawdust it is time to dispose of it and start with new litter.
  • Feline Pine Litter Box
    This litter box uses an elevated insert with holes specifically sized to remove the used sawdust into the holding box below.


Just to let you know that we have both noticed a BIG difference in Blaithin over the last week and a half or so. She is so much calmer and rarely barks hysterically now. When she does get upset, it doesn’t last for long. Thanks for all your help.

– Nancy, Dublin, Ireland –