Animal in Spirit

Lisa Larson specialty: Speaking to your departed fur loved-ones

One of my favorite readings to do is speak to animals who have crossed over to spirit. As a trained psychic/medium for humans as well, I never cease to marvel at the truly amazing messages animals in spirit sometimes provide, over and above those I get from humans on the other side.

As in human mediumship readings, animal spirit readings are filled with evidence and messages of love, but, on occasion, animals, as our teachers in this life, provide some of the most spiritual wide-ranging messages imaginable.

One thing people need to understand about animals in spirit is that they never leave us. People seem to think that when someone’s physical body ceases to function, their spirit goes off into some far-away place in the sky. Nothing could be further from the truth. They do go off to a different vibrational dimension, but that dimension is right here, in our space. Connected by the love that two souls share.

Speaking to your animals once they have transitioned to the other side can be a truly healing experience. Hearing from them, knowing they are at peace, being able to ask the questions about their transition and their life that you never thought you could ask can bring you a measure of peace in knowing they are happy, out of pain and still feel your love every day.

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Some Kind Words

Lisa crossed my path at the right time. For 3 years I had a heavy heart about my beautiful dog King. We were very close. I did not know there was any one like Lisa. But through unusual circumstances I learned about her.

My dog came through to her and I learned some things I never would have imagined. Though I still miss him, I feel like he is still a part of my life.

Thank you Lisa for your care. I will always be grateful to you.

– Pam, Houston, Tx –