8 Great Books for Tarot

8 Great Books for Tarot I have selected my favorite books for tarot. If you are just beginning to learn the tarot, I suggest you start with the first on the list, and make your way down. Every Day Tarot: A Choice Centered Book by Gail Fairfield Level: Beginning to Advanced \”Every Day Tarot\” is

Tarot Thoughts for Spring


The Hanged Man

SIMPLE THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY Daily Inspiration: Tarot Card for the Day Today\’s Card: The Hanged Man Have patience. Trust your intuition. All you want will manifest by holding onto \”calm desire\” & faith in the universe. (Card Featured: Universal Waite Reproduced with permission of U.S. Games, Inc.)

Page of Wands

Radiant Red

RED Key words: Life, energy, enthusiasm, vitality, passionate, intense, desire, anger, danger. Red is the color of roses … and the color of apples … and the color of … blood! Yikes! But while our initial vision of blood might be the gore we see in the movies, when you think about it, all of

Beautiful Blue

BLUE Key words: Cool, dispassionate, peace, contentment, heaven, truth, loyalty, sincerity, harmony, ‘as above, so below.’ There is no greater calming force than to sit on a beach and gaze at the vastness of the ocean meeting the freedom of the the sky. Even though there appears to be a dividing line of color at

Peaceful Purple

PURPLE Key words: Spirituality, insight, intuitiveness, royalty, sacred connection to the divine. Visualize a rainbow. At the far end of the spectrum is purple. It’s also the color that is least seen when the rainbow is weak and incomplete. We can equate this with our own spirituality. When our own energy field is weak, we

Two of Cups Analysis

Weekly Tarot for Mar. 2. 2008 Card: Two of Cups Deck: Universal Waite Tarot (Pkt) Key words: Union (two persons or of self), Self-Development, Balance, Resolution of conflict, Reconciliation Okay, this is just getting ridiculous now. I draw dozens of cards for myself every week and the only time I draw this one is when

New Possibilities

Card of the Week Tarot Lessons by Example For the week of Feb. 24. 2008 Card: Ace of Wands Deck: Illuminated Tarot Key Words: Developing ideas, initiative, creativity If you look hard enough, you can see gifts being offered from a higher source. Those gifts come from within you. Now is the time to look

Outstanding Orange

Key words: Warm, determined, authoritative, energtic, action; Compassion, harmony, sociability, harvest Imagine yourself on a beach at sunset. An orange ball of flames sits on the horizon, it’s dominance in nature allows it to fill the sky with color. This majestic sight, all at once, inspires awe at the determination with which it presents itself,