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I will be uploading my podcast to iTunes in the near future. Meanwhile,  you can find  them on Soundcloud.

Nomrally, you can also watch me record, on Periscope, every other Friday, starting between 11am and 11:30am Pacific Time. However, Kate has decided she no longer wants to do the show. I will be back with new shows soon.



Program Links

Podcast #04 – Euthanasia Pt.2: How To Know When To Help Your Pet Cross
• Preparing for the Passing of a Fur Child

Podcast #3: Euthanasia, Part 1: How To Let Your Pets Go
Preparing for the Passing of a Fur Child

Podcast #2: Energy Healing & Volunteerism
• Fund for Animals Cats

Podcast #1: What is Animal Communication
Lava Lady



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