About Animal Communication

About Animal Communication

About Animal Communication

Lisa Larson, M.A., Animal Communicator/Animal Medium, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Shaman, Ordained Alaka’i

It is my belief that everyone is capable of interspecies communication. It just takes practice and dedication to refine that ability using the language that animals use: telepathy. Telepathy is defined as “Apparent communication from one mind to another without using sensory perceptions [syn: thought transference]”

Unfortunately, through socialization, humans develop barriers to this innate ability. With practice in removing these barriers, our lives, and the lives of our animals can be enriched and benefitted.

The ability to communicate with animals is innate in all humans through the use of telepathy. Animal communication is heart to heart/mind to mind communication with the highest self of the animal’s being. Like anything else, it’s all a matter of study and practice.

Through animal communication, we can learn not only about their life with their people on this earth but about their past lives and purpose on this earth. Both animals who are alive, and those who have passed on to the spirit world, can be communicated with through telepathic and intuitive means. To learn about Reiki and the different forms of energetic healing I do, visit my Reiki & Shamanic Healing page.


The Animal Communication Consultation Process

The Animal Communication Consultation Process

The Animal Communication Consultation Process


You can choose your level and purchase sessions HERE.

How does an Animal Communication Session work?

All communicators employ different methods and styles. I like to let the conversation with your ‘fur-babies’ develop naturally just like a conversation I would have with a human. While I ask the questions you want me to ask, I am not one to pepper them as if they were being interviewed. I like to develop a relationship with them.

All animals have their own unique personalities. Some are shyer than others, and others jump in and start gabbing before I barely get a chance to introduce myself. (Sort of like me at the line in the grocery store.)

Before I speak with both you and your animal, I request you email me the following:

  • If the animal is living: name, description of your pet (a photo is even better,) gender, location, age, and a short prioritized list of questions you’d like to ask your pet, or would like to tell you pet.
  • Other human and animal family members your pet lives with
  • If your pet is in spirit: all of the relevant information above, as well as age at death, as well as date, location (ie: city, state) and cause of death
  • Additionally, I will request your contact information: name, mailing address, email & phone number. (These will be kept strictly private.)
  • I also ask that in emailing or talking to me before the session, that you don’t tell me anything about your pet’s personality and give me only a general idea of what you want me to talk to your pet about. When we speak, I can ask you for more information if I need it. Thanks.
Blank Cat

Process of a Consultation

Consultations are done over the phone or via webcam.

Step 1 (optional) : If necessary, we may have a short conversation over the phone to find out what your goals and priorities are for the communication. At this time, if needed, I can help you decide which level is right for you. If you already have a good idea of what level to order, you can go right to step 2.

Step 2: Once you decide which level is appropriate for you, please read the disclaimer and post payment.

Step 3:
 Once I receive payment, I will call or email you with available appointment times. (Payment is required before booking.)

Step 4: I ask that you email me a photo of your animal.  Please send one photo only. Because of disk space considerations, if you know how, you may want to resize your photo at WebResizer and name the .jpg file the same name as the animal pictured. If you have one that shows your animal’s face, that would be best, but not necessary. If you don’t have a photo, just email me a description.

Step 5: All communications are done distantly. I will call you at the scheduled time, communicate with your animal while you are on the phone, and relay the information to you. Please make sure you are in a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed, and please have paper and pen handy, ready to take notes.

Step 6: I will say goodbye to your pet and start closing the session about 10-15 minutes before the high end of the session time you paid for. After I say goodbye to your pet, we will talk a little about the reading and any suggestions you may enact. (This consultation time is part of the total session time stated in each level.)

During the conversation, there will be times when I will be very quiet as I speak to your animal. It is best, during this time that you just respond with a short validation to the information I may relay or questions I may ask. There will be time after the communication to discuss specifics in detail.

I also request that you, verbally, tell your pet that you have asked me to speak with him or her. You would be amazed at how much our furry family understands when we speak to them in our own language.

Other Important Information:

It’s important to understand that I am not a veterinarian. If you suspect that your pet is ill or in discomfort in some way, I can certainly ask where they hurt, but I cannot, and they cannot, make a diagnosis about their condition. It is incumbent upon you to take your pet to a qualified veterinarian. Please read the disclaimer before posting payment for further information.

If you have any questions you can email me at pawstalker@gmail.com, or call me at 760-444-0811. My regular work hours are Monday – Thursday 10am-4pm Pacific Time. Sessions performed outside of regular work hours may be subject to emergency pricing.

If you call and don’t get me, please leave a message and I will return your call at my earliest possible convenience. (It will be usually within 24 hours or the next regular work day, excluding federal and California state holidays.)


You can choose your level and purchase sessions HERE.


Payment is required before booking an appointment.

  • LENGTH OF SESSION depends on how many pets I speak with, how many issues we work on, and how talkative & forthcoming your animal is. There are sometimes unexpected insights or issues that come up, which may extend readings.
  • LEVEL III IS ALWAYS SAFE FOR ANY LONG TERM OR SERIOUS BEHAVIORAL ISSUE. I will refund the difference (or give you a Reiki session for unused time) if you choose a higher session than we use. If you choose a level lower than what we use, I ask that you make up the difference with an upgrade immediately following the session. (Upgrade options are on my payment page.)  If you want to cap your session at a specific level, please let me know beforehand.
  • TIME FRAMES ARE THE TOTAL LENGTH OF THE PHONE CALL, INCLUDING CONSULT FOLLOWING THE COMMUNICATION. I will say goodbye to your animal and start wrapping up 10-20 minutes prior to the upper end of the scheduled session.


  • If you have trouble deciding which option is best, you are welcome to contact me.
  • If you would prefer to pay by credit card over the phone, please contact me.
  • Payment is required before scheduling.

For Shamanic Healing & Reiki pricing and ordering, click Here.


  • Gift certificates are available for all animal communication, Reiki & psychic services, and include a color pdf gift certificate upon request.
  • I am available to speak at events. Please contact me for pricing.

Some Kind Words

Some Kind Words

Some Kind Words

Caat…I just wanted to let you know what a different pony I have
on my hands since you talked with Peppy.

I rode him today, and my daughter was with me. He was so much more friendly and open to snuggling. He
seemed 100% more relaxed with us. We both rode him, and after my ride, he reached over and
LICKED the back of my daughter’s neck! We laughed so hard….what a funny guy.
Thanks again….it really made a difference!

– Jenny –