ASK CAAT: Are Animal Communicators Real?

Question: Do animal communicators really communicate with animals or is this purely a form of entertainment?  . Yes, we can really communicate and it is not entertainment. It is a private and sometimes very personal communication using telepathy, which is the primary mode of communication between animals, and which all humans have at birth,

Ask Caat: What are some best names for a dog?

When I ask rescue animals who don\’t like their name (because they want a new life to go with their new home) they always say they want something that fits who they are. The other option is to name them something that both fits who they are and who they want to be. (For instance,

Ask Caat: Getting your first cat

Can you give me some tips on getting my first cat? __ Hey! Congrats on your new cat. Here are some tips to remember: 1. Keep all lilies out of the house. They are highly toxic and just one small chomp on any part of a lily can can kill your cat within days by

Ask Caat: Can you talk to two animals at the same time?

Question: Sometimes I get confused when I talk to my guinea pigs since i have two is it possible to talk to both of them at the same time? You can talk to two animals at the same time. It\’s funny sometimes because, sometimes I\’ll be talking to one animal and the other will just

ASK CAAT: Is Clairvoyance Dangerous?

ASK CAAT Question: \”I find that I have fears of being clairvoyant. And it\’s kind of odd as to what I\’m afraid of. With animals, I have no problem attempting to communicate with one who has passed on. But I find that I have fears of seeing people who have passed on. I\’m sure that

Court Cards as Self

A question was asked about identifying with court cards. Answer: Personally I relate to the Knight of Cups, even though I\’m female. I find this person to be outgoing, friendly and sensitive. I feel as though I am genuine and and I\’m an emotional person. I feel like the Knight of Cups embodies all of