Horse as a Spirit Guide


Freedom, Independence, Strength, Grace, Speed, Power, Travel

When Horse crosses your path:
~ If feeling stuck, it\’s time to move on
~ You have the freedom to forge new directions
~ You have the ability to make changes in your life with strength, power and grace

Think about Horse:
At one time \"\" they roamed free and in herds. It was the horses\’ domestication that was the single most influential event that decreased distance between humans. With strength and power, they carried people great distances.

Having a physical \’wide field of vision\’, they hold great magical and divinatory power. They are also, in this modern world, bought and sold like property, teaching them, determination, internal strength, spirituality and acceptance.

Call on Horse energy when:

~ You need to clarify which path in life to take
~ You need a \’break from current confinements and restrictions.\’ *
~ You feel the call of the wind (i.e.: to travel or move forward) but are having trouble finding the courage and strength

Horse medicine teaches us:

~ to broaden our vision, and widen our horizons\”.**
~ to tap into our \’inner power\’.
~ to understand the confines of our circumstances, yet use our own determination and will to change the lives we lead.

Tarot Card Correspondence:
~ The Chariot
~ The Sun
Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer
Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews
— * StarStuffs
— ** Shamanism, Vol. III, Animal Medicine Powers, by Dolfyn (Out of Print)