ASK CAAT: Are Animal Communicators Real?

Question: Do animal communicators really communicate with animals or is this purely a form of entertainment? 

\"lisaandbird\"Yes, we can really communicate and it is not entertainment. It is a private and sometimes very personal communication using telepathy, which is the primary mode of communication between animals, and which all humans have at birth, but it\’s pretty much beaten out of them (i.e.: they are told that it is not possible) by around 7 years old. That is when children start to have a concept of what the outside world thinks of them, so they suppress it far into their subconscious.

I think a lot of the disbelief in any kind of telepathy stems from religion and the need for religious organizations to control the masses. With intuitive and spiritual skills, people may feel they don\’t need a \’middle man\’ to connect with whatever higher power they believe in.

I understand why it\’s hard to believe for some people. There are even times, after I have done it for as many years as I have, when someone calls me and says, \”I can\’t believe it, you told my [cat, dog, horse, monkey] to do [this] and he did it for the first time ever!!!\” And even *I* have to think, \”Man, this really works!\” It\’s those types of validations we get that shows us that we are connecting. If we weren\’t helping people and their pets, they wouldn\’t call.

Lisa Larson: Pawstalk Animal Communication & Reiki


Book Recommendations 

\"\"Learning Their Language: Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature\"\"

I loved this book.  It is a great \”first book\” with exercises about how to get started in learning how to communicate with other species.

\"\"The Language of Animals: 7 Steps to Communicating with Animals\"\"

While I don\’t agree with Carol Gurney\’s insistence that there is no psychic element to speaking with animals (telepathy is telepathy, no matter how you use it), there is no doubt that \”7 Steps to Communicating with Animals\” is one of the most straight-forward and clear cut books written on the introduction to animal communication.


Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic Communication\"\"

Penelope Smith is one of the forerunners of Animal Commuinications.   Animal Talk is another good \”first book\” when seeking to become involved in interspecies communication.

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