Animal Communication Payment Options


Payment is required before booking an appointment.
Once you’ve posted payment you can go to my calendar to schedule:
(Calendar link is also at the bottom of the payment confirmation page.
Appointments scheduled before payment is posted will be deleted.
At times I book out up to 4-5 weeks in advance.)  


Payment is required before booking an appointment.

Length of session depends on how many pets I speak with, how many issues we work on, and how talkative & forthcoming your animal is. There are sometimes unexpected insights or issues that come up, which may extend readings.

Level III is always safe for any long term or serious behavioral issue. I will refund the difference (or give you a Reiki session for unused time) if you choose a higher session than we use. If you choose a level lower than what we use, I ask that you make up the difference with an upgrade immediately following the session. If you want to cap your session at a specific level, please let me know beforehand.

Time Frames are the total length of the phone call, including consult following the communication. I will say goodbye to your animal and start wrapping up 10-20 minutes prior to the upper end of the scheduled session.

• If you have trouble deciding which option is best, you are welcome to contact me.

• If you would prefer to pay by credit card over the phone, please contact me. 

• Payment is required before scheduling.

For Shamanic Healing & Reiki pricing and ordering, click Here


• Gift certificates are available for all animal communication, Reiki & psychic services, and include a color .pdf gift certificate upon request.

• I am available to speak at events. Please contact me for pricing.

Hi Lisa, this is long overdue, but I wanted to thank you for
helping me connect with my dog
Oluffy during and after my trip abroad.
I could not have transitioned being without him for so long any other way.

Though we felt connected with one another, it was always nice to hear his thoughts through your words. His wisdom and clarity brought extreme comfort to me, and we are always able to exchange a spiritual conversation through you.

Thank you again for all your service and love and keep up the good work!
– Ella, San Diego, California –(See more testimonials HERE.)