Reiki and Energetic Healing

What is Energetic Healing?

Reiki is the most commonly known form of energetic healing. I commonly use the phrase ‘reiki’ to talk about my healing sessions, only because many people are familiar with the term. However, as not only a Reiki master but a Shaman, unlike other Reiki masters, I use a variety of shamanic and energetic healing techniques as the situation calls for it.

Energetic healing is a safe, natural healing method using universal life force energy, or “mana” as I call it, being aligned with Huna philosophies and traditions. In performing reiki on your pets or you, I basically become a clear channel to allow positive healing universal energy to pass through me and enter the animal or person on whom I work.

Energetic healing is completely safe and has no religious component to it. I simply act as a conduit to allow the universe to send you powerful healing energy to your pet or you. I perform these sessions distantly.

Reasons people call reiki practitioners and shamans for their animals include:

      • Reducing stress, tension and anxiety
      • Managing pain
      • Creating a sense of well-being
      • Assisting in the grief process after losing a beloved companion
      • Accelerating the recovery process of an illness or injury


Because I am also a Huna and Dreamhealing practitioner, when the situation calls for it
I will also perform Kahi, Shamanic Dreamwork & Dreamhealing Visualizations.

How does an Animal Energetic Healing session work?

Animal Reiki/Kahi Treatments: For an animal reiki session, I will speak with you briefly about your animal’s needs before the session and set up a time to treat your animal. After I perform the treatment I will either email you or call you to tell you about how the session went.

Why choose me rather than any other person who performs reiki?

As I mentioned, in addition to Reiki, I also offer other energetic healing techniques, when appropriate. The first is called Kahi. Kahi is an ancient Hawaiian healing technique, similar to Reiki in that it is an energetic healing technique, yet it is good for balancing energy and for focused intention on moving energy to areas of the body where the energy might be ‘stuck.’ Shamanic Dreamwork is a technique based on the 3rd level Huna principal that our experiences and ailments can be viewed in the context of symbolism and dream. Dreamhealing is a powerful visualization technique used for specific problems, using intention to change the energy of a problem on a cellular level.

When appropriate, I may do one or more of these techniques on the animal, at no additional cost to you. It is included in the price of the session. There are just times when, while doing reiki, I realize these other techniques may be of value to the animal and it is my intention to use anything and everything I am capable of doing to help your pet.

A typical session would look like this:

      • Aura massage and cleanse (every session)
      • Full body Reiki (every session)
      • Full body Kahi (every session) (Kahi is an Hawaiian energy balancing technique)
      • Chakra Balance (if appropriate)
      • Grok and stretch (if appropriate) (Grokking is placing my energetic body inside the animal’s energetic body to understand what is going on inside the animal, and align a more positive state of being.)
      • Shamanic Dreamwork (if appropriate)
      • Dreamhealing visualization (if appropriate) (A visualization technique used for specific problems, using intention to change the energy of a problem on a cellular level. ) (I learned this technique from Adam McCloud, an energy healer in Canada. His website is
      • Virtual snuggle (This is an emotional connection between myself and your pet, showing it love and comfort to end the session.)
      • Reiki, La’akea and Kaulike (every session) (these are shamanic energetic ‘washes’ that cleanse and balance.)
      • Reiki spool¬†(if appropriate) (An intention set to send a thread or small ‘pops’ of Reiki for a specific amount of time.)


A Word about Distant Animal Energetic Healing Treatments: Energy knows no bounds. When performing energy healing on your pet, I connect with their energy much in the same way as I do when I communicate with them. I find this works very well since, for most animals, having a stranger in the house is a disruption. Through distant healing, the animal gets the full effect of the energy healing without the disruption in their daily routine.

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Just to let you know that we have both noticed a BIG difference in Blaithin over the last
and a half or so. She is so much calmer and rarely barks hysterically now.
When she does get upset, it doesn’t last for long. Thanks for all your help.

– Nancy, Dublin, Ireland –