pillowIn the past couple years, I've called on Lisa randomly for issues that arose with my four bichons. After each session, I was left bewildered about how she could possibly know that much about my dogs! I will however, never forget the day that I was being pushed by my vets to put my dog down to put him out of his "suffering."

He was bleeding internally and there was nothing to do to stop the inevitable fate. Something inside me told me not to do it and when I called Lisa, she assured me he was not suffering. His time was rapidly approaching, but my beautiful boy, being the "teacher" spirit that he was, wanted to leave me with one last life lesson: To enjoy the present moment and not worry about the outcome.

That night, against all odds, he bounced back and completely came back to life! Because of Lisa, I got another week with my beloved dog. We went on walks to the park, car rides to the beach, ate a ribeye steak, snuggled every last moment we could. He ended up crawling into my arms and passing peacefully at home a week later. Words cannot express how eternally grateful I am to Lisa for giving me the gift of time with my beloved dog.

Thank you SO much.

~Tiffany W., San Diego ~

pillowI must admit, I've got a healthy skepticism when it comes to psychics, especially animal communicators.

I've had sessions with many different communicators through the years and in my experience, few communicators can compare with Lisa's level of accuracy and depth of intuitive insight with animals. Not to mention she is also one of THE most affordable!

Her selfless dedication to serve the animal world and help heal the human-animal connection on this planet shines in every aspect of her work. I thank God I found her!!

~ Greg V., San Diego, CA ~

Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for helping my 7 cats tell me what they needed to be happy with their litter boxes. Since your amazingly informative reading I have not found one puddle of pee in the house!

I never in a million years would have guessed what their issues were, but thanks to you I was able to correct the situation and they responded immediately. I am eternally greatful and very inspired by your patience, compassion, and love for animals. Your gift is amazing.

- Steph H., Maui, Hawaii -



Hi Lisa, this is long overdue, but I wanted to thank you for helping me connect with my dog Oluffy during and after my trip abroad. I could not have transitioned being without him for so long any other way.

Though we felt connected with one another, it was always nice to hear his thoughts through your words. His wisdom and clarity brought extreme comfort to me, and we are always able to exchange a spiritual conversation through you.

Thank you again for all your service and love and keep up the good work!

- Ella, San Diego, California -



Lisa crossed my path at the right time. For 3 years I had a heavy heart about my beautiful dog King.We were very close. I did not know there was any one like Lisa. But through unusual circumstances I learned about her.

My dog came through to her and I learned some things I never would have imagined. Though I still miss him, I feel like he is still a part of my life.

Thank you Lisa for your care. I will always be grateful to you.

~ Pam, Houston, Texas ~


Today I truly experienced an uplifting and unique expression of life thru Lisa. As my departed dog, Harley put it, he called Lisa, not me. I did always trust his judgment of people! I didn't know what to expect or what not to expect about my consultation.

I do believe I received the greatest gift of all from my dog thru Lisa! Please accept my heartfelt thanks for taking the time to talk with me and my beloved dog, Harley. Although he's no longer here physically, I felt a real connection to him thru you. You are the real deal!

- Barbara M., Midwest

Lisa, thank you so much for allowing me to communicate with my kitties! Since our reading, Savannah has been standing up to Sisco more and he in turn is less aggressive with her. Also, Sisco, has been letting my husband pet him more! I cannot express my thanks to you enough. You are an amazing person and have an amazing gift.

- Charlene, San Diego, CA -

Lisa was referred to me by a good friend who contacted her for an animal communication session with her dog who had recently passed. My friend was so blown away by the accuracy of the reading and insight into her doggy friend that she suggested I give her a call.

I asked Lisa to contact a recently departed kitty friend of mine, Popoki, and was so glad that I did. She was genuinely caring and gave me insight not only into my friend Popoki but myself as well. I have had experiences with several animal communicators in the past and must say that Lisa is by far the best. Her insightful readings and her upbeat manner make her a treasure.

- Mary Wood, West Linn, Oregon -


My cat has the dreaded kidney disease and was having daily seizures and barely eating. I thought that
decision time was very near.

Lisa did some reiki sessions for her and she's only had one seizure in over a month and she's eating better
and even put on a little weight.

I'm so grateful to Lisa for this extended quality time.

- Joni H. San Diego, CA -

Although you do not work with lost animals, you have described my neighborhood through your visions precisely in ways not even Google earth could know; like the neighbor across the street leaving food out for cats (the only one on the whole block), and that there being a stream
down an embankment on the next street over and a construction site.

What blew me away most was what you got from my cat when you mentioned the vet to him and he said yes he knows the place with the blue (vinyl) couch.

I could go on and on with the details you told me that my cats both alive and in spirit have communicated to you that only I would know are true.

You are truly blessed to have the special ability that is said everyone can do (but don't because it's darn hard). And you don't abuse it, by over-charging. You do it from the heart which will help your path towards ascencion. That's why I dub thee Angel Caat.

~Maggie, Honolulu, Hawaii

A Brief Happy Story

bondThis is a dog who was so sick when shipped from a breeder in New York, skin and bones literally. His owner was at her wit's when she came into our store so I referred her to my friend Tamara who is a holistic vet.

The dog had every known parasite and was so emotionally damaged that she wanted to ship him back to New York to the breeder. She had a 7 year old daughter too and they had always had Great Danes, but this was beyond her.

She came into the store on a difficult day, tears in her eyes, saying she just couldn't do it anymore. Although the dog was getting much better, it was a difficult journey coping with it all.

I listened to her, consoled her and referred her to my friend Lisa (Lisa Larson, Pawstalk Animal Communication & Reiki) who is a reiki master and animal communicator.

After a session with her, things changed. The dog had a name from the breeder and Lisa suggested she change it. Lisa asked her what made her happy, think of something that makes you happy and you will get a name.

The owner said her red wine makes her happy - the red wine was called Bond. From that day onwards things changed, Bond started to forget about his past, and felt more connected to his new home in San Diego. They got a trainer who helped their daughter walk with Bond safely and the family became more united.

We all knew that if Bond was to be shipped back to his breeder he would not survive. This is a story of love and dedication and never, ever giving up and the enduring capability of a dog's ability to forgive and forget and to love.

Today Bond is a whopping 160 lbs! We all played a part in helping this family keep this wonderful dog. He is healthy, happy and a wonderful part of everyone's life he touched along the way.

~ Elizabeth, San Diego, CA ~


Reviews from
Talk To The Animals II on Saturday Jun 9, 2012

I brought a photo of Chiclet and had a quick chat with Lisa Larson. We only had time for one issue: Chiclet is afraid in the car. She does OK around town, but freeways and bridges scare her. Her eyes roll and she sometime trembles. It's really sad. She wasn't like this when I adopted her.

Lisa communicated with Chiclet, but said she really didn't have enough time to work through this problem. But it seems she did help because we took a drive to OB on Sunday and she was just fine. Normally, she starts to panic as we go over and (always) under the bridges. No reaction this time. The real test is the freeway. I'll keep you posted!=

~ Jenn, San Diego ~


I took an animal communication class with Lisa and found her to be very knowledgeable,
organized, supportive, and in integrity with her work which is so important in this field. Her love for animals is beautiful! I would recommend this class to anyone, even if you have no experience, because Lisa will help show you that you DO have intuitive abilities and you can connect to animals, living and in Spirit.

- C.D., San Francisco, CA -


Lisa, just a note to thank you again for the beautiful reading and all the good info regarding Orpheus. You so rock! I feel clearer about Orpheus now and his process. I'm glad you perceived what a sweet amazing being he is and what a blessing he is in our lives. Thanks so much for your compassion.

- Laurel, San Diego, CA -


Just to let you know that we have both noticed a BIG difference in Blaithin over the last week and a half or so.

She is so much calmer and rarely barks hysterically now. When she does get upset, it doesn't last for long. Thanks for all your help.

- Nancy, Dublin, Ireland -

The pet communication Lisa facilitated with my cat was an incredible comfort to me. I got so much peace out of my cat's responses to my questions. Every time Lisa was communicating with my cat she would stop grooming her paw and tilt her head as if listening to something unseen.

- Joni H. San Diego, CA -

WOW!!!!!!!! I'm so amazed and got chills as I was listening. Yes, I still get chills even though I KNOW that this is real. I am very grateful for your time and reading, Caat. Thank you so much!

-- Angela --

Caat! Thank you for speaking with Kiya...Your reading is fabulous! When I came home today and sat down to check my email, she jumped into my lap... I knew someone much have chatted with her. Thanks again!

-- Claudine, Kamloops, BC -

I want to thank you so much for the reading. It gives me a great comfort to know that Ze is still here and that we will be together again. I am going through a very tough and hard time but after your reading I start to feel better now. I am very grateful that there are people like you out there.

- Cris, Portugal -

Caat, thank you so much. You have made me feel alot better with some of the things
I was wondering about. Thank you so much for taking the time with my little boy.

Hugs and friendship,
-- Michelle --

Caat, I cannot thank you enough for talking to my girl. My heart was broken when she passed but you have given me more peace knowing you have spoken to her. I thank you for that and for taking the time to talk to my darling girl.

You are amazing and such a wonderful person, I can't thank you enough!

-- Mishka --

I just had to share a pic with you. Since you spoke with Ciara about being nicer to Chico, I noticed she wasn't quite as hateful. Then tonight I took this pic. Them grooming each other lasted over 30 minutes with no fussing!!!! This is the very first time that has ever happened.

Thank you so much!
Bo, Ciara & Chico

Caat...I just wanted to let you know what a different pony I have on my hands,
since you talked with Peppy. I rode him today, and my daughter was with me.

He was so much more friendly, and open to snuggling. He seemed 100% more relaxed with us. We both rode him, and after my ride, he reached over and LICKED the back of my daughter's neck! We laughed so hard....what a funny guy.

Thanks again....it really made a difference!

-- Jenny --

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