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(Please note I raised my rates in June 2017. If you have ordered these services with the past 6 months, (ie: since Dec. 1, 2016) and didn't get notification, prior to the rate change, please contact me. I will honor prior rates for those clients until Oct. 1, 2017)

Reiki || Transition Assistance || Support
Reiki Explained


  • SINGLE SESSION: $75.00
    • Sessions run anywhere from 15-40 minutes, but the most common is 20-30 minutes. Length of treatment is determined by the animal and it's needs. If the animal tells me they would rather not have a treatment at that time, I will reschedule.
    • All sessions are distant sessions
  • 3 SESSION PACKAGE: $195.00 ($65/session)
    • Package of 3 sessions
    • All sessions are distant sessions
  • 6 SESSION PACKAGE: $330.00 ($55/session)
    • Package of 3 sessions
    • All sessions are distant sessions
    • Same day, rush sessions, after hours, holidays and weekends
    • For the one emergency issue (single session) to be addressed

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treesAt some point in time, we as pet parents, all have to make the difficult decision to help our fur-loved ones cross over to the other side. It is one of the most altruestic decisions we can make for our fur-children, to help ease their suffering.

If you are at that point, I can assist your fur-child on his or her journey. The session involves:

      • Reiki leading up to the event
      • Virtual snuggles while the shots are being administered
      • Helping your pet's spirit turn to say goodbye from above,
        • Let go of their aka cord and,
        • Head towards those waiting for him or her in the divine light of love.

EMERGENCY: $185.00

(Conversations about whether or not your furchild is ready to go or not
is covered under Animal Communication sessions.)


  • If I've given you extra time, outside of above paid session time, that you feel has been of value to you, and you'd like to support that time so I can continue to provide such services as nutritional consulting and grief support, you can do so here, or you can visit my SUPPORT page.

My cat has the dreaded kidney disease and was having daily seizures and barely eating.
I thought that decision time was very near. Lisa did some reiki sessions for her and she's only had
one seizure inover a month and she's eating better and even put on a little weight.
I'm so grateful to Lisa for this extended quality time.

- Joni H. San Diego, CA -