About Animal Communication

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It is my belief that everyone is capable of interspecies communication. It just takes practice and dedication to refine that ability using the language that animals use: telepathy. Telepathy is defined as: “Apparent communication from one mind to another without using sensory perceptions [syn: thought transference]”

Unfortunately, through socialization, humans develop barriers to this innate ability. With practice in removing these barriers, our lives, and the lives of our animals, can be enriched and benefitted.

The ability to communicate with animals is innate in all humans through the use of telepathy. Animal communication is heart to heart/mind to mind communication with the highest self of the animal’s being. Like anything else, it’s all a matter of study and practice.

Through animal communication, we can learn not only about their life with their people on this earth, but about their past lives and purpose on this earth.  Both animals who are alive, and those who have passed on to the spirit world, can be communicated with through telepathic and intuitive means. For more information, visit the consultations page. To learn about Reiki and the different forms of energetic healing I do, visit my Reiki page.


Caat, thank you so much. You have made me feel alot better with some of the things
I was wondering about. Thank you so much for taking the time with my little boy.

— Michelle