A.C.T. of Love
Animal Color-Card Technique for Separation Anxiety

One of the most common problems I get called for is separation anxiety. One of the salient aspects of my job is to find reasonable solutions of what animal parents can do themselves to help their furry loved ones.

Here's a simple solution you can use with your pets to help with a variety of different situations. You can use your cards to prepare your animals and let them know:

  • You will be leaving on a trip
  • They will be going to the vets
  • You will be taking them on a trip
  • They need to wait for their food
  • Somebody will be coming over
  • Work will be done on the house
  • Anything that may upset your pet if they don't expect it. Remember, just as we don't like to be surprised by unpleasant events, neither do they.



Go out and

Set aside a specific time a day to 'teach' your pet what the colors mean. This may take several times/day for several days.

Lay down a specific color and when doing so, tell your pet how long that color stands for. At the same time, visualize a clock hand moving to train them for 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Visualize a sunrise/sunset to train them to understand a day or week.

Once you feel they understand a week, you can use that color to train them for a month color. Hours will be used extensively. Month colors, 10 minutes and 30 minutes will most-likely rarely be used. Month colors will be used only for people who travel extensively for extended periods of time. 10 and 30 minute colors will be used mainly for things like for animals who are on a strict diet and cannot eat before a certain amount of time.


Once you feel you have sufficiently helped your pet understand the meaning of the cards, start using them to tell you pets when you will be leaving and coming back.

You are leaving for a 3 week vacation:
Two weeks before you leave, start laying down cards:
"We will be going away in this long."
(Lay down two 1-week cards.)
"We will be going away in this long."
(Lay down a 1-week card and 6 'day' cards.)
"We will be going away in this long."
(Lay down a 1-week card and 5 'day' cards.)

Count down your leaving in this way until the day, hour or minutes you leave, depending on how severe your animal's anxiety is. If you are away on a trip, it would be best to have a responsible animal caretaker who will do it while you are away. (Sure, they may think you're crazy, but who cares? Isn't your pet worth a little, "Is she kidding?") ;)

Make sure to also speak with them, and tell them where you are going, how long before you leave, how long you'll be gone and when you'll be back. If you are planning to take them to the vets or something similarly stressful, start several days before they are scheduled to go and lay down the appropriate cards.


When you get home, give your fur-baby lots of love and praises for being such an exceptional soul and thank they for being in your life. :)

You can use the color code combination from those below or create your own for the situation you will use it for the most for your pet's specific needs. The most important thing to remember, however, is once you choose a color combination, stick with that combination and don't change it for different occasions! These color codes are just a guide. Consistency is more important than the color themselves.

  • Brown: Grounded-ness, stability.
  • Orange: Confidence, enthusiasm.
  • Yellow: Joy, happiness, intellect, clarity, awareness.
  • Green: Healing, life, growth, harmony.
  • Blue: Calmness, balance.
  • Purple: Meditation, spirituality

For separation anxiety: going away on long trips; taking trips to the vets, etc. You can do it before you leave and/or have your pet sitter do it while you're gone. (Grey times are used less often.)

1 Month: Brown
Meaning: Grounded-ness, stability.
Reasoning: Helps your pet to stay grounded in a stable frame of mind.
1 Week: Purple
Meaning: Meditation, spirituality.
Reasoning: Helps your pet with a time of reflection during long periods of separation.
1 Day: Green
Meaning: Healing, growth, harmony.
Reasoning: Helps your pet feel a sense of healing & harmony.
1 Hour: Blue
Meaning: Calmness, balance.
Reasoning: Your pet will see the hour color probably more than any other. Helps your pet to feel calm & balanced.
1/2 Hour: Orange 
Meaning: Confidence, enthusiasm.
Reasoning: Helps your pet feel confident & in control.
10 minutes: Yellow
Meaning: Joy, intellect, clarity, awareness.
Reasoning: Helps your pet understand & think ahead about what will be happening.

The pet communication Lisa facilitated with my cat was an incredible comfort to me. I got so much peace out of my cat's responses to my questions. Every time Lisa was communicating with my cat she would stop grooming her paw and tilt her head as if listening to something unseen.

- Joni H. San Diego, CA -

If you would like to speak with others about animal communcation, practice your animal communication skills or just talk about your fur-babies, please visit the PawsTalk Animal Communication Forum.